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In Love <3


*hey you* *psst* Alfa was making the fastest sedans in the world while you didn’t even know what a 5 series was

F80 M3 isn’t even out yet…. but the guys at LTBMW already fabricated a bumper… freakin beautiful.

E46 V10

BMW M3 E92 Burnout by JSitthi on Flickr.

Gear-hauler by ekkoj on Flickr.
durrhead: It's a polo GT steering wheel, Not very common, but you can find them on german ebay/ebay uk yada yada. Buddy had 3 of them, sold two and kept this one!

Oh hell yeah! Are they small or large spline.

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that is the most Beautifullllll steering wheel i have EVER seen. in love.